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” All glory comes from daring to begin. ”

– Eugene F. Ware


” Building a better you is the first step to building a better America. ”

– Zig Ziglar

” Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too. ”

– Will Smith


I was called upon to stand up and lead my life, one year ago, today. Not knowing what the future would hold for me, I began unlearning information I had previously deemed fit. However, the information I had learned led to a downward spiral to my health and well being. One may assume this would be an easy transition, I’d tell you otherwise. I began at ground zero and by the grace of God I was saved. He taught me to become a stronger individual from my core. Over the course of the last year, day by day, I promised myself my mental capacity would be open to learning new information. I transformed myself from one of the most negative to most positive persons, how?, one may ask. Here’s how: I surrounded myself solely around those of who I loved the most. This journey led me to finding a new way to educate myself; a form with which I once had found impossible. A self-directed education which I had started the month after getting out of rehab. The education was called LIFE. With the greatest tag line – “Living the Life You Have Always Wanted”. I was convinced, I could overcome my fears of the unknown. Only if I promised myself to get better each and every day thereafter, I would be healed. Praying every chance I could helped tremendously. A year later, I look back on my struggles and victories, and this quote comes to mind, “I can’t promise you easy but, I can promise you worthy” – Orrin Woodward. God laid out a trail of bread crumbs for me to follow for the rest of my life, within the finding – I found myself, my purpose and my dream. I am happier now than i have ever been thanks to my amazing family. Also, since LIFE I am now a new man headed in a completely different direction. Everything is possible if you just first, believe in yourself. I plan on changing the world.

July 2018
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