I am consistently caught in the springtime of life, (I am ever growing and learning life’s little lessons one leaf at a time) or so it seems. I am undoubtably optimistic. I am not an english major, nor will I ever be. I started writing in a journal but didn’t like the actual writing part. The journal its self is rather ornate and remains hidden to the public eye. I guess you can say I am weird, because I am. Although, I don’t think I am that weird; I just like to express myself and sometimes I come off in a rather awkward/interesting way. By shear happenstance, that is the reason why I wanted to start writing on the computer. Ultimately, that is what led me to a moment in time where I began writing in an online blog. I can’t say for sure that I will write in this everyday and nor do I want to. I just wanted to write something here and there about me and my footsteps through life… — follow carefully to avoid the land mines to your freedom.